Shoe technologies

Shoe technologies, explained

Modern trail running shoes are full of new technology that can make things a bit confusing. In this email, we break down a few core technologies that can help you understand what tech you want and which shoes might be right for you. Each of the following articles dives deep into a novel concept and is accompanied by a collection of shoes you can explore on our website and in the store.

How to spot a fast shoe?

The best way to spot a fast shoe is to grab the shoe and bend it. If it breaks in a sharp, angular fashion, you’ve just found a fast shoe. This article explains how novel technologies and designs conspire to make a shoe faster than its competition.

What is a plated shoe?

Plated shoes have a strip of rigid plastic or carbon embedded in the sole that adds additional durability, stability, rock protection, and even propulsion. Plates started in the road racing game, with studies showing notable speed gains in plated shoes vs those without. In trail running, our speciality here at Alpenglow Sports, we turn to plates for more benefits than just speed.

Understanding shoe cushion

The simplest way to differentiate between running shoes is by their level of cushion. This article breaks down how max cusion, overcushioned, and tradition cushion shoes vary in stability, comfort, and performance. Learn which is the right level of cushion for you.

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